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Why TS Skin Care?

Even though we are known as the “Extraction Experts” for our success treating acne and problem skin, our treatments can benefit all skin types. The TS Skin Care philosophy is to bring the skin into balance using natural treatments that soothe and heal the skin. Continue reading to learn why it works &  how it works.*

Natural Skin Care

We manufacture natural skin care products that are unlike other products. They look different, feel different, and they work! Our formulas do not contain chemical preservatives or emulsifiers, parabens, artificial colors or perfumes.*

Acne Specialists

During our 2-3 hour treatments we physically remove the congestion that causes breakouts. We literally go pore by pore to remove blackheads, whiteheads, bumps under the skin, cysts, and infected pimples. Our treatments provide immediate, visible improvement!*

Our Products of the Month

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Our premier treatment masque, Clearzit has been called “magical” by some. It helps reduce inflammation, infection, and promotes healing of the skin while normalizing the production of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. It contains manuka and tea tree oils, the 2 most effective natural antibacterial ingredients available on the market that offer high antiseptic power. These essential oils are non-irritating and non-toxic, and have been proven to be effective in the treatment of acne.

Blue Treatment lotion for reddened, inflamed, sensitive, and rosacea-type skin. Helps reduce redness, swelling and calms the skin. Contains a live bifidus bacterium that heals and repairs the skin.

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3 Dietary modifications

Our Clients Speak for Us…

TS Skin Care Reviews from Yelp & Google+
*(results may very from individual to individual)

TS Skin Care is THE HOLY GRAIL of skin care!!! I absolutely love all the ladies there. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for almost a decade and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone with any type of skin condition or issue. Whether your acne is very mild or extremely severe, if you have dry or oily skin, or if you have already great skin and you want superb products and amazing facials to keep it that way, you must see the ladies at TS Skin Care. They really know what they are doing and they have a passion for helping people by showing them how to have the best skin that you can have!! They treat you like family, and I am not just saying that because I have been going to them for almost 10 years. I have felt that since day 1. I am 27 years old and I have had acne since I was in middle school. The girls at TS Skin Care have not only transformed my skin with their products AND facials, but they have educated me about my acne, about my skin type and about how nutrition plays a huge role in having great, clear skin. When you go to TS Skin Care, you’re not just getting a service that they provide, you are receiving an education that will change your life. They have certainly changed mine. An infinite amount of thanks and gratitude go out to Gail, Lisa, Astryd and all the girls at TS Skin Care!! *

Taylor EdwardsOrando, FL See Review on Google+

After trying every acne cream and night/daytime moisturizers in the book I am soo happy I found this place!!  NOTHING was working for my acne! I went in for my first facial  9/17 with Emily. By 9/20 my face looked a million times better!! The progress I have seen in a matter of a few days is what normally would take a month!  I have received facials before but NEVER experienced anything like this! Emily spent a very patient thorough 2 1/2 hours on my face! The first 30-45 mins she spent prepping my face, opening my pores, cleansing my skin and even massaging my arms. I felt soo relaxed and warm because your in an enclosed room and they give you a garment to wear and you lay on a bench with a blanket and towels over you.  During the facial Emily talked to me about my diet and told me what triggers my breakouts thats in my diet. I have never had terrible acne my whole life but something caused my skin to break out super bad at 26 years old. I don’t mean 3 zits on my chin, I had a breakout surrounding my whole face below my forehead that had not cleared up in over a month! Not only was it so bad that people were noticing and asking what was wrong, it was very itchy and hurt!! Since my treatment and using Tamahras secret acne care  (only 1 week) I have seen almost all the acne clear up! I am so excited I can almost go out in public again and not feel like people are looking at my acne. Not only was the facial amazing, the products that they sell are even more amazing! They are absolutely all organic, chemical free and they even smell wonderful! Using Tamahras secret day cream leaves my skin feeling fresh, naked and doesn’t give me any oil shine throughout the whole day. Emily has checked in with me after my facial to ask how my skin is looking and even recommended some vitamins to take to help! I feel like she actually cares about the quality of my skin!  Even though I live an hour and 45 mins away I will definitely be returning to get regular facials here!!! Thank you Sooo much to Emily and to Tamahra’s Secrets amazing product line! *

Jennifer M.Orlando, FL See Review on Yelp

I’ve had many facials, but the facial at Tamahra’s made me feel like my face had never been cleaner in my life. I went in with numerous milia in various spots, including several large, very visible ones on my forehead. I’d been to two dermatologists to try to get rid of them. Both tried, but neither of them even budged the stubborn bumps, which of course were all I could see when I looked at myself in the mirror. But, Astryd at Tamahra’s eliminated every single milia on my face in one facial: probably 20 or 30 small ones and 5 or 6 large ones. So, for me, this was an extraordinarily effective facial. So amazing that I’m planning to book trips to Orlando every 6 months just to get this facial. When you book your appointment, plan for lunch at Infusion Tea. *

Christine B.Cary, NCSee Review on Yelp

I’ve been seeing Lisa at Tamahra’s Secret for years, now that I live in another state I make sure to see her when I’m back in Orlando. Hands down the best facial EVER. They clean out all your pores, which is next to impossible…They steam naturally and do extractions so expect some level of discomfort- no pain, no gain. The products that they use, make and sell are all natural and high quality. They do not push you to purchase their products, but you should because they are great! I’ve had good facials elsewhere but this is still the best.

I also wanted to mention they are big advocates of a healthy lifestyle and have no problem letting you know that your dietary choices DO in fact reflect on your skin. They are not pushy, just matter of fact. My beliefs align with theirs so I found their honesty refreshing. Both Gail (the owner) and Lisa are walking testaments to what excellent natural skin care and facials, organic and hormone/pesticide/chemical free food, abundant clean water, high quality supplements and stress-less living can do for your skin…your body and your life. *

Kimberly E. Atlanta, GASee Review on Yelp

There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have found Gayle at Tamahra’s Secret! All throughout my teenage years I would only breakout during “that time of the month”. But as soon as I turned 22 by skin got worse. I would always have at least five active pimples around my chin area. Sometimes they would become cysts. I tried everything on the market, but nothing worked. So I thought about going to a dermatologist but I was a little worried about some of the medications they might prescribe me. Then one day my husband came home with a local magazine called “Natural Awakenings”. I took a look inside a found an ad for Tamahra’s Secret. I think it was meant to be! After my first facial my skin took a complete 180. I am on my third facial and my skin has never looked better. Also the staff at Tamahra’s Secret are the BEST! I will be going back to Gayle for years to come. I would definitely recommend T’s Secret to anybody who is suffering with acne. *

Anonymous Google User See Review on Google+

Great place to go to if you’re acne prone. I went to a dermatologist for years and they were unable to help. I went in for 1 treatment and it immediately reduced the number of outbreaks. The results are astounding. *

Alan C. Orlando, FL Read Review on Yelp

* DISCLAIMER: Individual Results May Vary.

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