Our AcneCare Program


Extraction Treatment

We are known as the “Extraction Experts” for our success treating acne and problem skin in Orlando, FL.

Our Acne treatment leaves your skin free of blackheads, whiteheads, milia and cysts, resulting in blemish free skin for the first time in your life.

Our acne treatments last between two and three hours. During this time we literally go pore by pore to remove blackheads, bumps under the skin, cysts and pustules. Our treatments provides instant gratification with an immediate, visible improvement. *


Home  Care

The TS Skin Care philosophy is to bring the skin into balance using natural treatments which are soothing yet potent. We manufacture natural skin care products specialized for treating ACNE and problem skin. Our products are like no other product on the market.

Our botanical product line for acne looks different, feels different, and it works! We guarantee quality products and visible results.

Our formulas contain NO parabens, chemical preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, artificial colors or perfumes. Our AcneCare line contains fine ingredients, like manuka oil, blue chamomile, colloidal silver and Tea Tree oil. *


Dietary Counseling

Acne flare-ups are inflammatory responses to foods that are high in processed or hydrogenated fats and highly acidic foods and beverages. While many factors like hormones, stress levels, sleep, etc., contribute to acne, the underlying cause is dietary.

 To see an improvement in your skin stop eating cheese, chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, & fast food!

We cannot control many of the factors that contribute to acne, but we can control the foods we eat! When the body is not able to properly metabolize the dietary fats in our diet, they are sent to the largest center of fat metabolism in the body: THE SKIN!  *

acne and diet

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Acne Experts!

While our treatments can benefit all skin types, we are most well known for our success treating acne.The TS Skin Care Acne Treatment was developed after years of research and hands on technical experience. *

 This is not your regular ”feel good” treatment.

Our clients come in with congested skin and leave without the ‘bumps’ under the skin that become pimples.  We offer a fast acting, effective solution that provides relief to individuals with even the most severe cases of acne. *

 No one does what we do!


We have clients that fly in from some of the biggest cities in the country for our treatment. No one does what we do. Why not? Because they have neither the skill nor the time required to produce the results we guarantee.

After graduation our aestheticians spend an additional year in training before they have fully mastered our extraction techniques and are able to begin accepting clients with acne.

Remember, there are 30,000 pores on the face; the minimum amount of time we spend with each client is 2 hours.

We offer 2 ½ , 3, and 4 hour treatments as well. During this time we literally go pore by pore to remove everything from underneath the skin that is causing breakouts.

We remove blackheads, whiteheads, cysts as well as infected pimples. Because of the extensive amount of time we spend preparing the skin for extractions, we DO NOT bruise or damage the skin in anyway. It doesn’t matter what you put on the skin, the only way to completely eliminate the sebaceous plugs causing bumps and active breakouts is to physically remove them by performing extractions. We guarantee visible improvement or your money back. *

New Client Acne PackagesSingle SessionThree 2.5 Hour Session BundleThree 3 Hour Session Bundle
Level 1 Aesthetician$300$595$630
Level II Aesthetician$350$690$730
Senior Aesthetician$400$775$815
Master Aesthetician$450$885$915
Acne Treatment Prices (Returning Clients Only)2 Hour / Bundle of 32.5 Hour / Bundle of 33 Hour / Bundle of 3
Level 1 Aesthetician$145 /$ 395$165 /$445$185 /$500
Level II Aesthetician$170 /$460$190 /$515$210 /$565
Senior Aesthetician$190 /$515$210 /$565$230 /$620
Master Aesthetician$220 /$595$240 /$650$260 /$700

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Our treatments are to the skin what regular teeth cleanings are to your mouth.

When you have cavities or even just plaque build up your dentist does not recommend that you switch to a stronger toothpaste and brush more frequently. Rather, he physically removes the cavity or a dental hygienist professionally cleans your teeth. *

Likewise, we physically remove the sebum causing your breakouts–we extract blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, milia, and already infected pimples.

This will give you instant relief and immediate gratification because your skin will no longer feel bumpy or congested. *

* DISCLAIMER: Individual Results May Vary.

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