Our Philosophy

The TSecret philosophy is to bring the skin into balance using natural treatments which are soothing yet potent. All skin imbalances can be corrected effectively with the use of our botanical treatment products in combination with our Signature TSecret™ Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment Protocols. We use highly concentrated, botanical ingredients that keep the skin healthy, bright and luminous. Our creams and lotions are prepared by hand in small batches to ensure the highest quality control for each product.  Our formulas contain NO parabens, chemical preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, artificial colors or perfumes. Our mission is to care for your skin with the most natural and highly concentrated ingredients that will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Why TSecret?

Because it works!  Last year we celebrated our 15th year in business- we did our first TSecret™ Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment in 1998! We offer a results driven treatment unlike any other facial service available. Our alternative treatment makes it unnecessary to resort to drugs or harsh facial chemicals, which ultimately cause damage to our skin  and body. We offer one treatment–and it’s the real deal. Of course, our treatments vary in length depending on the severity of a client’s congestion–but the treatment we offer is the same. Other skin care professionals have neither the time nor the skill required for the work we do. All of our aestheticians have mastered the art of extractions!  Our facials are long & intense–but once you’ve had one,  you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Our Clients

Who are our clients? Teens and young adults of both sexes come to us after having tried everything for acne. Out treatments make a tremendous impact in the lives of young people who would otherwise suffer from acne. Another large segment of our clientele is made up of professional women and men who need to look good for the work they do. These clients appear to have flawless skin–and with regular treatments we keep it that way. Many women in their mid 30’s and early 40’s come to us suffering with adult acne for the first time in their lives. As one of our clients says, “We shouldn’t be able to have acne and wrinkles at the same time!” Unfortunately adult acne can present itself for a variety of reason and our treatments keep these breakouts at bay for our clients.

Natural, Alternative Skin Care

We are known as the “extraction experts” for our success treating acne and problem skin but our treatments are beneficial for all types of skin. All of our signature TSecret™ deep pore cleansing treatments last between two and three hours. During this time we physically remove the congestion that causes breakouts. We literally go pore by pore to remove blackheads, whiteheads, bumps under the skin, cysts, and infected pimples. We believe a clean pore is a healthy pore! If you follow our protocols, you will see marked improvement in the skin.

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Treatment LengthLevel 1 AestheticianLevel 2 AestheticianSenior AestheticianMaster AestheticianOwner
2 Hour$130$135$150$165$200
2.5 Hour$140$155$180$195$230
3 Hour$150$175$210$225$260
3.5 Hour$160$195$240$255$290
4 Hour$170$215$270$285$320
QT (Quick Treatment) ★FreeFreeFreeFreeFree

† Prices are based on amount of experience.

★ Available to regular clients in between treatments.

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How often do I need to come in for facials?

During your first visit, we will recommend a course of treatment that meets your specific needs.  The recommended schedule will vary for each person depending on the severity of their congestion and how well they follow the recommended protocols. Our goal is to get each client to the point where their appointments are spaced out further and further apart.

Am I going to break out after my facial?

No  Our aestheticians are trained for a minimum of six months before they are permitted to accept clients. That training takes place after they fulfill their schooling and state licensing requirements. We teach our aestheticians how to completely clean out the pore with our special extractions techniques, thus avoiding potential breakouts.

The reason most people break out after receiving facials at other salons is that the entire plug was not removed during the extraction process. The extraction was done improperly. By cleaning out the pore entirely, you virtually eliminate your chances for breakouts.

How will my skin look after my facial?

For those with blackheads or minor cases of acne, you can expect minimal to no redness and inflammation. Your skin will look and feel cleaner and smoother. For those with acne that is reddened and inflamed, you can expect to leave with about the same amount of redness. However, the inflammation will be reduced, since the plugs and infection were removed. For all skin conditions, it is not unusual to experience a minor amount of peeling a few days after the facial.

Why do I need a 2 hour facial?

The TSecret facial is a minimum of 2 hours because performing thorough pore-by-pore extractions is time consuming. Furthermore, to properly prepare the skin for this process, a significant amount of time is required.

Will I see results from TSecret product use alone?

Our clients tell us that they start seeing an improvement in their skin immediately with the use of our products. You will definitely see great improvement from just using our products. However, if you are experiencing breakouts, we highly recommend getting a TSecret facial to speed up your results. The facial will remove blackheads, bumps under the skin, cysts, and infected pustules.  It is important to physically remove these plugs in order to achieve maximum results. It is what we call “instant gratification.” You see dramatic results right away.

How long do my products typically last?

Mineral Freshener, Ionic Spritzer & Cotton Box: Two to three months

Cleanser:  One month

Toner:  Two months

Masques: Two to three months

Zit-O: Two to three months

Lite n Velvet: Two to three months

Blue Lotion: Two to three months

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