Are those pesky breakouts starting to “get under your skin”?

uh oh zit!

It’s happened to all of us…’re looking good, feeling pretty good….then right before that big (insert important event here!) there is a huge, I mean enormous, painful, ugly red pimple (or 10!) right smack dab in the the most obvious place!! Well, I am going to talk to you about how to do some emergency care for those pesky zits….but let’s also talk about WHY the heck they are there in the first place.

According to the March 2014 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetique, currently 650 million people worldwide (10%) suffer with acne. In the US it affects 40-50 million people, just over 16% of our population!! While there there is equally as much mis-information, as there is seriously researched information floating around out there on the internet about what is at the root of acne-there is NO EXACT PROOF (researched or not) of what is the exact cause of acne. Is it heredity, hormones, stress, poor diet or hygiene? While any or all could contribute, the initial cause most likely starts deep beneath the surface of our skin.

Our skin both protects our internal organs but also aids in the detoxification process along with our liver and kidneys. Anyone who has done a cleanse of the body knows that clear bright skin, skin that seems to glow from within, can be one of the major benefits! Acne, not just a pimple or two, but constant breakouts-including the cystic variety- is commonly a sign that some part of you internally is in distress.

If you really want to get the core of what’s your issue, do some honest evaluation of yourself (and partner with a skincare specialist or physician if necessary). As estheticians it’s our job to take the time to really get to know our clients and the skin. Using thorough client intake forms as well as additional interviewing, asking pertinent questions about their diet, digestion, evacuation habits, menstruation cycles, stress levels, etc can lead us to a better evaluation of what may be the issue(s) at hand. Beauty really IS more than skin deep!!

Okay! So while now you are well on your way to your own personal journey to clearing up that face of yours…..what to do about that unsightly beast on your face RIGHT NOW?!?

Here are just a couple of basic tips from the  TS Skin Care team…….

This is one of, if not the most important tip ;) It will not only anger the beast, it typically will make a much more drastic mark, and it will also take longer to heal!
Wrap a small ice cube in soft clean cotton, and apply to the area(s) for 20-30 seconds at a time…moving the ice from area to area or just an off/on process until the ice cube becomes too messy to control any longer.
Spot treat affected area, preferably overnight for best results.
The area should be clean and moisturized (it’s almost impossible to cover up flaky/scabbed skin) Using a creamy mineral-based concealer lightly pat on and around blemish, feathering out around the edges to blend with the rest of your skin.

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