Welcome to Tamahra’s Secret. We manufacture natural skin care products for the professional market and we specialize in ACNE. Our products are like no other product on the market. They look different, they feel different…and they work!

The Tamahra’s Secret philosophy is to bring the skin into balance using natural treatments which are soothing yet potent. Our natural products are extremely effective in treating ACNE and problem skin.

Our Ancient Secret Formulas contain NO parabens, chemical preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, artificial colors or perfumes. Our AcneCare line contains fine ingredients, like manuka oil, blue chamomile, colloidal silver and Tea Tree oil. Check out our glossary of ingredients. We guarantee quality products and visible results for your clients.

Tamahra’s Secret Skin Care Products are available at over 50 fine salons.


FAQs for Estheticians…

Q:  Do you offer samples of your products?

A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sample sizes of our products. Since we do not use chemical preservatives, and our products are hand-made in small batches, it is not feasible to mass-market our products or offer varying sizes that might sit on shelves for an extended period of time. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused portion and we will refund your money.

Q:  Do you offer product knowledge classes?

A:  At Tamahra’s Secret, we offer classes on a quarterly basis at our salon in Orlando, Florida. The one-day class covers product knowledge, basic skin care, and a demonstration of our facial protocol. Most importantly we focus on the Art of Extractions. Each attendee will have the opportunity to practice our extraction techniques on our live model. You will be surprised at how difficult is to do an extraction properly!

Q:  Do you use the same products for the facial as the client would use at home?

A:  Yes we do. The only difference would be the addition of the Fresh Masque.

Q:  How long does a jar of Fresh Masque keep in the refrigerator?

A:  If keep refrigerated, a jar will stay good for approximately two months.

Q:  Why do you use petroleum in some of your products?

A:  We do not use petroleum, we use pharmaceutical grade petrolatum in two of our night creams for drier skin types to help retain moisture, and in our Porcelain Cream, a natural sunblock, in order to make it waterproof.

Q:  Why do you use Zinc Oxide in some of your products?

A:  Zinc Oxide is used in our masques to promote healing, as it has antiseptic properties. It is also used in our day creams as a natural physical sun block.


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