Why Wax?

If waxing is done consistently, hair grows back more slowly. It comes in much finer and more sparsely. Follicle damage happens when waxing is frequent–this means less hair growth which makes for less painful waxing each time it is done.The skin is also exfoliated when hairs are removed, leaving a fresh glow to the skin. *

Compared with other forms of hair removal like electrolysis, laser, and shaving waxing offers a much faster and less costly treatment with long lasting results! Electrolysis can permanently remove hair, but in addition to being very time consuming and  expensive,  it works best on light hair. Laser can produce reduction in hair growth but  is not suited for people with dark skin or for people with light hair and can also be very time consuming and expensive. And for many people, waxing is preferable to shaving because it does not cause in-grown hairs or irritation. *

Only The Best

We have selected the best waxes on the market for use  in all of our services.  The area of the body being waxed determines whether hard or soft wax is more appropriate.  *

Hard wax is used for more sensitive, delicate areas of the body.  Hard wax is applied to the skin, given a few moments to set and then pulled off. The hard wax use is made of rosin, beeswax, and lanolin; it is specifically formulated for hot & humid climates.  This wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin. Our wax is heated at low temperature which minimizes irritation. *


Our soft wax is hypoallergenic which greatly reduces redness and irritation. It is formulated with 100% hydrogenated esters of resin, the highest quality esters available, which makes it less sticky and leaves skin smooth. It works for clients who tend to get red bumps with other waxes. *


Waxing Service Service Price ($)
Abdominal Wax 20
Back Wax50
Bikini Line25
-Deep Bikini45
Brazilian 60
Chest Wax 40
Eyebrow Wax20
Eyebrow Tweezing 25
Facial Wax (Brows, Lip, Chin, Jawline)45
Full Arm45
Full Legs & Bikini Line85
Full Legs65
Half Legs35

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