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I have tried many other products and none of them can compare. I started coming to Tamahra’s Secret after our class visit from Florida College of Natural Health and I haven’t regretted it ever since. Your facials are amazing!  I have tried many other products and none of them can compare to yours.

Before my appointments I would look at my skin and feel all the imperfections.  After the facial, that night while I’m putting on my mask, I closed my eyes and felt my face again. The difference is amazing, the smoothness compared to before is incredible. I have not stopped bragging about it. As an aesthetician, I know that my career depends on my skin. Tamahra’s Secret Products and facials have changed my life. *

Figi VelasquezAesthetician

By the age of 25, I thought that my breakouts would be over. I have oily skin and for years I had small breakouts mostly during that time of the month. I just knew it was not going to last forever. Well a few months ago my face broke out so bad that I didn’t even want to leave my house.  I’m a nurse and I have to deal with people every day – so there was no hiding. I tried it all, including products on TV. I was desperate. I went to a salon, got a facial and my face looked worse. At that same salon, a woman told me about a guy who had really bad acne and went to Tamahra’s Secret and his face was gorgeous now. I figured, why not? My first treatment, they wanted to take my before picture. I wanted to cry. No lie, after the first treatment my face looked and felt so clean. Not irritated at all. I felt like my face was healing. My face does not look the same. I just want others that are suffering with acne to have confidence again. I’m always getting compliments, aside from not breaking out with huge cysts. My skin just looks like it glows! *

Ivonne LopezRegistered Nurse

I have struggled with acne for over five years. I have been to dermatologists, been on every anti-biotic and topical treatment possible and even went as far as to take Acutane. Nothing worked. After having two facials at Tamahra’s Secret and using their products my face is clearer than it has been in five years, and it continues to improve with each facial and each day I use the products. *

Julie OsborneOrlando

My sister Mandy was referred to Tamahra’s Secret by a friend who could not get over how great her skin looked since she started using the Tamahra’s Secret Products and getting facials. Mandi kept insisting that I try it out. My skin is highly sensitive and I often have cystic acne. After using the products for two weeks I starting seeing results.Then after regular facials and using the products, my skin cleared up dramatically. I was also sold on Tamahra’s Secret. Then, after having regular facials, my skin cleared up dramatically.  I was also sold on Tamahra’s Secret. *

Courtney HendrixOrlando

I have used some of the best products in the world. None have given me the results that the Tamahra’s Secret Products have. The facial allows me to accomplish much more for my clients; in other words, this is not just a fluff facial, although they tell me it is very relaxing. After the facial, I hand my clients a mirror and they all say, “I can’t believe how great my face looks!” Their skin has a nice, smooth texture, cleansed pores and fine lines or acne scars have been softened dramatically.

My clients have also been amazed at the results they have received from the home care. They are exited. The products do not hurt when applied to the skin. Their skin becomes balanced, less oily, has less congestion, fewer breakouts. Their skin has a healthy glow, wonderful texture and color. They usually do not want to use anything else after using Tamahra’s Secret, because they cannot achieve the same results with any other products on the market today.  I am grateful to have found Tamahra’s Secret. Thank you Gail and Mary Kent, for bringing this product to fruition. Tamahra’s Secret has been the answer to all of us who suffer with acne. *

Norah FeltonAesthetician, Melbourne

Dear Tamahra’s Secret,

This letter is written with deep appreciation and gratitude for the fantastic work you have done on my daughter’s face.

I must admit that after four or more visits with Dr. Shirer, I was becoming very frustrated and apprehensive about her face ever returning to the beautiful skin she once had. In fact it seemed to be getting progressively worse.

Thank God he recommended you to us. I must irrefutably claim that in less than a year you have transformed my daughter’s face. She has since won several awards and titles for “the most photogenic” in State and National beauty competitions, which she entered.  I have to give you 100% credit for her great achievement, because without your care and dedication she would not have been able to enter these competitions.

We would both like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you and we pray that you will continue to have a successful practice.


Paula Anderson *

Paula AndersonOrlando

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