Our Mission

Our mission is to care for the skin with the most natural ingredients that will keep it looking healthy and beautiful.  If the protocols indicated are followed, you will see a marked improvement in the skin. We specialize in treating problem skin and our unique line has been especially formulated to treat and soothe the skin without drying it out.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to bring skin into harmony and balance.  Our natural treatments are effective and soothing.  Problem skin can look better with the use of our Acnecare natural treatment products in combination with our signature Tamahra’s Secret Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment protocols.  This alternative treatment makes it unnecessary to resort to drugs and harsh chemical, which ultimately cause damage to our bodies and skin.*

Our products are prepared by hand in small batches to insure the highest quality control. Chemical preservatives and emulsifiers, artificial colors and perfumes are the cause of most allergic/adverse reactions.  We do not use them in our formulations!  We do no animal testing.

Dedication to Community Service

TS Skin Care is dedicated to giving back to the community through the donation of time, resources, talent and products.  In 2016, our Aestheticians spent more than 70 hours performing treatments and offering products at no charge to clients with problem skin but limited funds.  We believe everyone deserves to have clear skin and the life-changing results that go with it.