Do you have dry skin?

Dry skin lacks both water and oil. Dry skin does not produce enough oil (sebum) to properly lubricate itself, to give it that soft, supple appearance. When your skin does not produce enough oil to trap the moisture, all the water evaporates and the skin becomes dehydrated and looks and feels dry, cracked and taut. *

Proper Cleaning is Key!

Proper cleansing is the most important step in the treatment of dry and/or mature skin. Proper cleansing removes make-up, dirt, pollution, and dry dead cells that are always being shed. It will allow the complexion to look and feel its best; that is, bright, clear and smooth, without that dry taut feeling which often accompanies the use of cleansing soaps, which are too alkaline for dry/mature skin. *


Before going to bed always first properly cleanse the skin and apply a nourishing/moisturizing cream, which helps the skin hold its water while encouraging cell growth. Lightly massage the face to stimulate circulation. At least 2-3 times a week apply Renovador Mask to remove the dead dehydrated cells from the surface of the skin. *