Oily Skin is basically very healthy

Oily skin is the easiest of all skins to control. Oily skin is basically very healthy skin. The most important step in the care of oily skin is a proper and thorough cleansing. Do not use harsh astringents or soaps. They are alkaline and stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil, making the face even more greasy. *

Cleansing with Oils?

The concept of using oils as cleansers as well as moisturizers may sound strange. However oil cleansers work on the principle that oil, grease and grime dissolve best in oil, not soap and water. The proper oils for oily skin (such as jojoba whose chemical composition is close to the skin’s own oil, sebum), combine well with the sebum to dissolve dirt and grime. *

Cleanse Frequently

Oily skin will benefit from gentle cleansing three times a day, however if that is not possible, cleansing twice a day is a must to keep oily skin healthy and glowing. The following skin care and hygiene program keeps your skin looking and feeling its best. *